Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Feeding Himself

I think I'm ready for this- Will loves feeding himself. You give him a spoon and a bowl and he is happy- problem is he is definitely a novice at this (we are still working on getting the spoon upright- he flips it over so only sticky food works for now). So as you can see its kind of a mess and somedays I think oh so cute and other days I think, ugh can I just feed you? He literally will disgustedly wave off some food that I offer to feed him, but then if I put it in his bowl and let him eat it himself he will happily spill ...I mean eat it himself.

Our Little Patient

Sadly this is an image we have seen a lot over the last month. This is Will in the hospital - he is sitting with Dennis watching a Baby Einstein (totally a lifesaver in the hospital) while he gets his antibiotic. Let me just say - tethering a one year old to an IV pole is a little challenging (big understatement). During our first hospitalization he had to keep his IV in 24/7- I had to keep unwrapping him at night while he "slept" (there was not much sleeping done by any of us). But I should also say I am thankful for the care he received. Living internationally we can worry about medical care- but it was great.

I didn't take many pictures- I wasn't sure if this was something I should document but I did snap this picture- he looked so cute in his hospital pjs.

Friday, August 15, 2008

We're Still Here!

I know many of you may have given up hope on this blog- goodness knows I almost did too.  Its been 2 months since I posted- wow! Well a lot has happened. Let's see- we went to Thailand, Will got pneumonia and was in the hospital for 3 days then we came home, my parents came (yea woo hoo- so much fun- see pic), we started our move to a new apartment, Will got sick again (cabbing to the hospital with a cold cloth over his head trying to bring his 103-104 fever down- ah!) then a 4 day hospital stay (I will write more about these later), then back to our new apartment to continue moving, (meanwhile our landlord continues to try and squeeze as much money out of us- he's like a cartoon villian- you know not that scary but annoying), then I got a cold, and now we are all finally healthy and almost settled. Phew! Oh and somehow during the move we lost our camera memory card AND the cord that connects it to the computer to load pictures. AIYO! (as they say here- aka: Oh MY!) So for now the only pics I can post are the ones taken with the computer camera (hence the above picture) but we will prevail and get more pics up here somehow, someway.  Don't give up on us....