Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We certainly have been blessed to have both sets of grandparents visit in the last couple of months. Will is sooo spoiled now (thanks a lot :) hee hee) Den's parents left last friday and he is still asking us to pick things up for him that are 6 inches in front of him (this is a common thing that grandparents will do for a grandchild).  Thanks again to Grandma and Bampa, Grandmama and Granddaddy who traveled so far to see little ole us- we love you guys and so does the Will! We miss you. Here are some more recent pics.

This picture may seem random but Will is very into sitting on everything- be it a toy or your face- seriously consider it love if he walks up to you and sits on your face while you are reclining.
Baby Yoda. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some new additions

Lately we have some new additions around here- with the grandparents in town- here are a few pictures.

The rocking horse (Den's parents bought this for Will and he loves it!) - he rocks so hard the horse moves backwards as he goes.

Another thing is as he rocks he like to have his milk and blankets- but this does impede the rocking a little.

FISH! We went to the aquarium and Will loved it- everything on his level. We didn't bring any fish home though- as many of you know me and pets don't mix well together.

This may be difficult to see- but the scar on his nose is a new addition- Will had a nasty fall and so has his first scar at 19 months- sniff sniff.
Will's blankets: All of a sudden Will has decided to bond with two blankets- he carries them around all day- dragging them behind him. Its so cute but of course he gets upset when they can't go outside or in the high chair or in the bath with him. I know life is tough for a one year old :). 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Will Snuggle

A Will snuggle: scrunch your legs up as far as you can on mom and lean in so as to get as close as possible. I love it :)

Bathtime w/ friends

I have written before about these required childhood photos that every child must endure and well here is another one for Will- we don't want him to miss one. :) This is the quintessential bath with other kids of the opposite sex- so cute and this age- weird and inappropriate 10 years from now. (Why do we do this?) Anyway Wendy, Vera and Will so love the bath together and as you can see were in constant motion splashing. And now of course its documented online so he can be embarrassed years from now- aren't we great parents? :)