Thursday, November 19, 2009

Okay this really is overkill- last song :)

It works! Will singing again

Ok I never ever ever ever ever ever ever get videos to work on this blog so this may be overkill but here is Will singing another song. I love when little kids sing- so cute. How the sing every third word sometimes or just sing the intonation not the correct word.

Will is very into singing lately. :)

Will Singing- lets see if this works...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Winter has arrived

So it is officially winter here. Really just showed up one day. So I put our electric blanket pad on our bed, turned on our heater units (you have to each room separately), pulled out our warm slippers, got out the winter gear and now we're in long underwear. For the record, this is not my favorite season here. But here are a couple of cute pics of our family getting ready for the cold.

I made Den take this picture before he headed off to work one day- I think he has 4 layers on up top and maybe 2-3 on the bottom. Those funny looking things on his ears are ear cuffs. He rides his bike to work and when its in the 40s you have to dress warm. Way to be tough honey!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A couple of recent pics

So I am going to try and do better with posting pictures so here a couple. Below is Will doing his best impressions of Elmo. I think its pretty dead on. :) Also, here is Will with his favorite monthly publication- the Car Movie Magazine! Isn't that cool that they do that here? Each month they feature a different character- this month its Filmore. Only problem is - its all in chinese and I am not so good at reading chinese characters- but we have some local friends to help and of course there's lots of pictures too. So we anxiously await the 23rd of each month. :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween :)

Happy Halloween! Ok so we're back after a couple month hiatus. Its been a busy couple months to put it lightly but I promise more pics now (sorry grandparents). On Halloween we celebrated with other little friends in the neighborhood- it was wild but fun. Will took advantage of the chaos to eat as much candy as possible (he woke up at 230am that night- I think that would be the exact time the sugar crash happened). As usual when I haven't posted for a while I will suddenly post a ton of pictures- so here goes...

what do you think he is??? (answer to come)

We started off the day with what might be a new tradition for us.. making caramel apples. There aren't traditional pumpkins here to carve so I brought caramels from the US for this halloween activity. It was fun (again Will participated mostly by eating. :))

yum caramel spoon.......
Here we are getting ready- Will getting on his whiskers and nose...

Any idea what we are? (its ok if you don't know- I don't think anyone got it). We are three blind mice. (as Will says "fee bind mice") And we thought we were so clever..... (by the way I am imitating Will's face)
2 mice walking to the party (we got some looks in the elevators)

party fun and chaos!!!

cutey kids
Hope you all had a great halloween too!