Sunday, July 29, 2007

Taiwanese Dinner- Yum!

This is a little bit late, but a couple of weeks ago we went out with some friends here to get Taiwanese food. As you know, Will is from Taiwan and we have been trying to learn as much as we can about Taiwan. And of course one of our favorite ways to learn about a new culture is to try the food. Well, it did not disappoint. It was so yummy- our friend Grace is an expert orderer and she ordered all these great dishes. It was fun to be with friends and celebrate that Will will (oh dear is that going to be a problem..Will will?) "soon" be here!

Actually, by far the best part of the dinner was the dessert- who knew! In my experience most Asian cuisines while very tasty usually strike out on dessert (hello? try chocolate!) but these Taiwanese desserts were fabulous...and rather large. On the right are two smoothies but they are like a really fine smooth ice cream- peanut (Den's favorite) and mango- double yum!. And the big tall dessert is actually green and red bean over shaved ice. This one wasn't as good as the others (to me vegetables should stay as far away from dessert as possible) but it was quite impressive.
It was so good in fact that we ordered another peanut smoothie- above Den begging for more. :) We can't wait until we get to go to Taiwan and it there with Will beside us.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Meet our little boy....Will

It has been awhile since we posted but that is because we have been busy with lots of things- for one, getting all the paperwork together to adopt this beautiful little boy!
We are so excited! It has been a long process of ups and downs and we are so thankful that we finally have a picture of OUR baby! His name is William Patrick Baker. William after a grand father and a great grandfather. And Patrick after his dad (middle name) and other grandfather. Today is also a big day because we found out our paperwork made it across the ocean and into the court system- woo hoo! Now the real count down begins. Only 4-6 more months to go and then we can go hold him in our arms.

So much more to write but I'll leave it at this for now and will do other updates later. I'm gonna get this whole blog thing down..I promise. :)