Monday, April 20, 2009

GO Heels!

Well this is a little late to post- but the excitement of winning the national championship has still not worn off here.  We were so excited that we got to watch the game live streamed through the internet. Thank you March Madness on Demand!  We had our fellow Carolina family here, the Swems, over all of us dressed in our Carolina blue. It was a great! Not sure the kids understood what was going on but they loved the excitement, and the cake.

I made this cake the last time we played and won the national championship so the carolina cake has become a tradition now.  
Jenny and Vera with Will and I.  Aren't they cute carolina kids ? :)
Family pic  (a rarity it seems for us to take a picture together). Will too busy with the cake.
Cake for breakfast... he loved it! (remember the game aired at 9am our time).
Dennis had the idea to proudly hang our carolina flag (blanket) - we were hoping that people might ask- hey what's with the blanket and we could boast of our tarheels, but......
Here is what the blanket looks like from the ground. Doesn't have the same affect when you live in a 30 story apartment building that is one of many.  Further complicating our plan is that everyone hangs laundry to dry- so it didn't look like anything special- but we knew the real reason. :) 

Hope you Carolina fans all had a great time!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Easter

A little late in posting but hope you had a great Easter celebration. Here are a couple of pictures from our Easter weekend festivities.

On Saturday night we our good friends over- Robert and Jane and their son Richard. I wanted to cook a traditional Easter dinner which I believe is ham, but after scouring the city we decided that steak was in fact more traditional (and available). They loved the food- esp the green bean casserole.  
Robert has always wanted to try apple pie because he has heard the phrase "As american as apple pie" and it piqued his interest. Here he is digging into the apple pie I made. This is the first pie I have made in our 5+ years of marriage- it may be another 5 before I attempt it again- it takes a long time to make!
On Sunday we gathered with other families and did an easter egg hunt. It was really fun to see all the kids running around.  Will kinda got it- we had to point out the eggs to him but once he figured out there was candy inside he caught on.

Most of the kid crew for the easter egg hunt- there are a few wanderers that didn't make the picture. After the hunt we all had dinner together- papa john's pizza- a real treat here- how's that for traditional. 
This Easter we are thankful for so many good gifts. Hope you had a wonderful day!

P.S. I have a ton of pictures to post- so I promise to post more frequently- ok I said it now I am committed.