Monday, September 27, 2010

Summer Pics #1

So its almost October and here are the updates on us from the summer (better late than never). I am trying to promise myself I will be better at blogging for Addelyn's sake (I don't want her to the un documented second child- I will do my best!!) I will update in a few installments- we had a GREAT time with family this summer. Here is our beach trip we took with my parents to Myrtle Beach- it was so much fun- when you live in a mega city its so nice to be out in wide open spaces where no-one is bumping into you. Thanks mom and dad for a great vacation!
Family photo- soon there will be another little cutie in our family pics.
My cute parents- don't they look great!
Digging in the sand- Will didn't love getting sand on him (which is a problem when playing in the sand)
Will is into doing the opposite of what you ask him to do- so here is one of the faces we get when we say "Smile Will!"
And another.....
And Another.

Look! The grandparents caught a Will! Will had so much fun with his Grandma and Grandpa Rowe- who basically never said "no" ha ha

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meet Addie

Introducing : Addelyn (Addie) Elizabeth ManShi Baker

We would like to introduce you to the littlest Baker- our precious and adorable daughter Addie! We were matched with her this summer but were waiting to get some official papers from China before we posted her pictures. But not we have them and are waiting on US immigration and visa center services for the next step. Addie is about 5 months old in these picture but she is almost 11 months old now! Her birthday is Oct 28th and we are just praying we could go get her before her first birthday. She is from Jiangxi province which is about an hour plane ride from us. She has a congenital heart defect- a small ASD- which means she has a little hole in her heart. Once we are able to go get her we will take her to a cardiologist to see what we need to do. Like I said we still have some paperwork that needs to be processed before we go get her- so please pray it would move quickly.

Will is very excited to be a big brother and we talk of Addie often. One day I was out shopping and when I came back he asked me what I had been doing. I told him that I was shopping- he said "Were you buying toys for me and baby Addie???"- I love that he is already putting him and Addie together- that's his little sister that he is going to be looking out for!

Ok I'll be better about posting updates on our process!