Friday, May 30, 2008

Our little Will is growing

I don't know what it is (maybe its the big boy shoes-so cute) but lately Will is seeming more like a little boy. He is walking and loves to walk everywhere- explore every room, climb on things, pull things out- he has a very busy schedule- really just packed from morning till night. Den and I just LOVE to watch him- it is so addicting. Here are a couple of recent shots.

One of the words that Will understands is the word "snuggle". As soon as we say that he plunges his head onto our shoulder or into our chest- the best feeling. Or if Den is holding him on his shoulders he gives him a head snuggle- as pictured above. :)
Here is Will at Toys R Us. Its the first time we took him there and they had this little play area and he just loved it. Doesn't he look SO big sitting on this bike?
Here is Will after a bath- again showing off the snuggle :). After bath he loves being wrapped up like in a cocoon and being sung to.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

De Ja Vous

The other day we were in a taxi and Den was holding Will and I all of the sudden realized it was the same exact image I remember seeing a little over 7 months ago the second day we met Will (and luckily I had my camera nearby). I got a little emotional just thinking about how much has changed in such a short amount of time. It has been amazing to see his little personality blossom and hear his laugh (it took us a few months to get those good belly laughs) and just see our hearts burst with love for this amazing precious little gift. Here are the two pictures..

Here is Will and Den in Taiwan on the way back from the hospital back in October.

And here they are last week coming home from lunch together in the taxi- isn't that the best smile?

Mother's Day Photos