Sunday, August 19, 2007

Updated photo of Will :)

Here's our little guy- he's getting so big! The agency just sent us some updated photos of him. Den's mom says he has long skinny arms and legs just like Den did when he was a baby. Already taking after his dad. We were kinda hoping that we would get pictures of him wearing some of the clothes we sent him...maybe the next batch of photos. This picture also solves the mystery of the bandana around his neck- a pacifier holder,- never would have guessed it. We are waiting to hear how the court hearing goes on Aug 22 and then hoping to hear some news about a first ruling after that. It is just killing us seeing Will get older and older- we can not wait to go get him and hold him in our arms- please be thinking about us.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Court Hearing

Quick adoption update: We just heard from the agency that we have a court hearing scheduled for Aug 22! This means that our case is moving forward. After this hearing, the next step is that we are waiting for a first ruling which could be anywhere from 1-3 months. Please pray that it would be closer to 1 month. Then there is a process to get us towards the final ruling. We will keep you updated. We're one step closer to getting our little boy! Please keep this process in your prayers.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Gift for Will

The orphanage in Taiwan told us that we could send Will a care package. So, a couple weeks ago I went out with my good friend Gina to this great clothing market here. They have cute baby clothes at amazingly cheap prices. (Now I realize just how much Target makes on their mark up) And much to my surprise Gina treated me to a mini shopping spree for Will! (Isn't that sweet?!) Gina already has one little boy, so she had all kinds of expertise in helping me pick out clothes. Thanks Gina!!! It was so much fun!
I've included the picture of the package that we sent to Will. A couple outfits, a blanket, 2 toys, and a picture album of Den and I and the grandparents. We have this great idea that he is going to stare at the pictures of us that have mom and dad written on them in Chinese, and that when we come he is going to recognize us. This is our ideal, but he will probably spend most of the time chewing on the book. Oh well, either way we hope he enjoys it. Actually I keep checking my email hoping that the orphanage will send us updated photos of him wearing the clothes, but we haven't received any yet. If you look in the picture you can see Den's favorite outfit- the green and white striped one that says "Daddy's Team". Too cute.

We are still waiting for our adoption case to get a first court hearing date- ugh! Please remember us as we wait to go get our little boy. I so want this process to move faster, but I just need to trust!