Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy 1 Year Homecoming Will!

We celebrated one year with our precious little boy. (We are a little late posting it but better late than never). On October 1st 2007 we first met Will in a little conference room in an orphanage in TaiPei Taiwan. I can still remember so clearly how nervous I was when I saw his little face. I had read lots about adoption but didn't know anything about being a mom (I think I called my mother that first week and asked how much should a nine month old be eating!) The start of our time together was many sleepless nights (lots of night wakings) but slowly he trusted us more, slept better, and smiled and laughed with greater frequency.  I can't believe how much he has changed in just a year.  He loves life, laughing, giving snuggles and kisses, playing with his friends, jumping, dancing(well rocking side to side), roaring like lion, whew.. he keeps us moving. We are so thankful for the amazing gift of him- we simply cannot imagine life without him.  So Will- happy 1st Homecoming Day- we love you!

The first moment meeting Will.

  So little!

Now here is our little string bean today- look at those long legs!
We had a little homecoming day celebration with some friends at our favorite Taiwanese restaurant here- so yummy and yes a little crazy as the picture looks. Can you find Will?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Minivan

As a mom living here I can sometimes lament that I don't have a minivan where I can strap Will in and he will just sit contentedly as I travel to lets say the grocery store then afterwards strap him in again while I load the groceries in the trunk.  Now I know in reality its probably not as simple as that but when you are traveling home on the subway or the bus or a taxi with squiggly kid and tons of groceries the idea of having a minivan sounds SO nice.  Well, when I set out to buy a new bike I had this in mind- let me introduce you to my china minivan. Will actually sits very contentedly in his bike seat pointing out the cranes he sees (he's very into these and with all the construction going on in this city- they are everywhere).  And I bought the biggest basket I could find to load my groceries in my front "trunk".  Seriously compared to other regular bikes on the street mine looks like a minivan- its huge. :) 

Doesn't Will look cute in his chicken coop helmet. He HATED the helmet at first- would scream whenever I put it on him. (People would look at me like "What are you doing to that child!" mind you most kids here don't wear helmets) But I am happy to say Will has made his peace with the helmet and will wear it without tears.

Day at the Park

A couple weekends ago we rode our bikes to a nearby park and spent the morning there. It was so so fun! The weather was beautiful. There is something about the seasons changing from summer to fall that just puts me in the best mood. This is definitely my favorite time of year- we get to be outside a lot and use our bikes, the bugs are leaving (so tired of finding them in my food in my cabinets!), and the holidays are just around the corner.  Here are some pictures from our day out.
Bubbles- usually a hit with the kids- as you can see here Will is asking for another cracker and ignoring the bubble. Basically these days his world revolves around the consumption of crackers and baby einstein videos. He starts asking as soon as he gets up in the morning.
They had these little motor boats (without an once of power steering- it was like bumper boats out there) you could rent in the park. Here is Will and Den driving the boat. 

GRASS!! I love when we get to be in the grass- living in a big concrete city this can be a rare occurrence.
Of course this park has its share of little kid rides. Will really wanted to go on this merry go round but of course once on it we couldn't get a good smile picture (the constant revolutions
adds a degree of difficulty)
We weren't sure how Will would do with a picnic- he usually needs to be in a high chair to focus on eating- but he LOVED it. He loved the variety of food and loved getting to run off between bites and then come back for more.

Believe it or not this is actually Will smiling. He thinks smiling is synonimous with squinting his eyes.  (sorry couldn't rotate picture)

Me and my cutie!