Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rapper Will

Ok I have to share these photos. This fall we were out at a park in SuZhou China and Will told us he wanted to take some solo silly pictures- and this is what came out. (we did not tell him to lift his shirt- though he does have great abs)
He looks like he is taking photos for his future music CD. Its funny because people have told us that he looks like a famous Taiwanese rapper/singer Zhou Jay Lun. They call him Xiao Jay (means little Jay).

Pictures from Dennis phone- back in time

I am taking advantage of the fast internet connection (amazing-- I could totally live like this)- and wanted to post some pictures from Dennis' phone. Its kind of a quick look back over the last year for us.

Here we are at one of our favorite places in Shanghai :) though I think the donuts aren't quite as good as the US establishment . Don't you think they would make a cute ad campaign :)
Love this pic of Addie in She Shan- over Chinese new year. What a beauty we got :)
chilling on the bed in the hotel- we went to a hotel outside the city to escape a night of crazy fireworks.
on the subway... Addelyn on an important call
Why did we get the kids a doctor's kit for Christmas??? ha ha

Will's soccer team this year.
I kind of forget what this is- I think this is will testing out a massage chair in the mall. Obviously he needs the kids version.
One of the last family pictures of 3 we took before Addie came..

I don't know what is happening here- but it makes me laugh :) What a silly boy
A daddy and Will construction company creation.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A quick hello- Will school birthday

Hi friends- yikes yikes yikes! It has been so so long since I have posted! Ah- it just feels like I never have time to wait for my ridiculously slow internet to load my photos. So much to update- Christmas, Will's birthday, Dennis's mom visit- so I will update more later. But for now- I had these on my computer so I thought I would share.

Will attends a Chinese pre school half day- and on his birthday they did the "typical" birthday celebration that they do for each kid. His teacher took pictures and video and gave them to me. I just have to share. It just cracks me up to watch this. I love love my Will but this has to be the most unenthusiastic birthday song rendition I have heard. I mean the kids in his class are really just mailing this one in (see video). Is that girl next to Will yawning??? And why is Will not smiling? Did they tell him this was a serious affair? Funny thing is Will loves to watch this video over and over.