Sunday, February 22, 2009

Will the model :)

Ok I am embarrassed that it has been so long since I've blogged. This is why I won't get a facebook- I just can't keep up online! All my friends blogs are so good and up to date with posting about the lives of their kids but I can't compare- I will just have to put up with posting snipets here and there.

So, anyway our friend Carol who is Taiwanese (yea Taiwan!) started this amazing company called Shokay (check it out!).  They use yak wool (really warm and super soft) to make all kinds of products and they work directly with the Tibetan herders to buy the yak wool so they can make a sustainable living and seek to give back to the community there. Really cool and socially conscious business model.  Carol asked if Will wanted to be a model for some of their new children's clothes line- I said YES!! In a land where white skinned babies are fawned over I jumped at the chance to show how cute my little asian boy is. The modeling sessions (2 of them) were so fun and as payment we get the stuff he modeled. Thanks Carol! At first he didn't get it but then with us jumping around to make him look a certain direction and showing him the pictures afterwards he got the idea and enjoyed it. 

Here I am a proud mama so here are his photos :)

He is supposed to be a yak- how cute!

At this shoot we had to bribe Will with a cookie to keep him focused :)

I stuffed his hands in his pockets just before the photo- ha ha

So I don't think I will be running out to sign him up for every modeling opportunity but it was really fun.