Monday, June 28, 2010

"I play soccer myself"

You have know idea what a big deal that statement is "I play soccer myself".  See we decided to start Will in a little 3-5 year old soccer league. He hasn't started school yet but we thought it would be good for him and he would enjoy a new activity.  Well we show up the first time and there are lots of tears - poor guy that big field and a coach and lots of little ones running around playing a game I have never bothered to introduce to him was a little too chaotic for him.  For the next three weeks we continued to go and there was usually some tears and resulted in either Den or I holding his hand and running around the field doing all the drills and playing the soccer game.  (I feel bad cause I mowed down a couple of 3 year olds while Will and I were hand in hand playing the game one week).  By week 4 he told us "I want play soccer myself"- and he actually began to do the drills without holding our hand but us nearby (like 2 feet away) cheering him on. Hand in hand still at the games but by week 5 he played everything by himself- the drills and the game.  I cannot tell you how PROUD I was of him! And it made him feel so good about himself that he had conquered that fear. Oh my heart melted when we said confidently "I play soccer myself".  Now he doesn't quite understand the sense of urgency in the game of soccer- he is content to just run around wave at us and run over for hugs... but that's ok I like it and truthfully I'm not ready for him to be too independent yet. Here are some pics taken post week 5 :) The season is over and he is already anticipating the start of the next season. :)

A few more shots of our little soccer player- so cute! And below the official Team picture :) and our after soccer picnic in the field.  We decided it is easy to stay and have dinner there in the field since soccer ends at 5:30pm- Will loves the picnics- (I do too)- but that does mean PB &J once a week for dinner. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! (a little late for the blog) But Will wanted to send his official wishes to the best Daddy ever!!

Here are some questions I asked Will

What do you like about Daddy?

"He tickles"  - tickle time is a daily if not thrice daily event for Will and Daddy :)
"I like to sleep with Mommy, Daddy" He is referring to the 5 am hour when he comes into our bed and rolls around like a chinchilla for an hour- :) but it is sweet to have him there

What do you like to do with Daddy?

"I like to go to park and playgound and swing HIGH!"  Daddy does push extra high 
"I like playing cars, like playing trucks"  self explanatory :)

What would you like to say to Daddy on Father's Day?

"Happy Birthday Daddy!"  Still getting our holidays straightened out :)

Happy Birthday er Father's Day Den! 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Now there are 3........

As many of you know we are in the process to adopt a little girl from China.  We are getting closer and closer to getting our match (which means we will know her name and see her little face!).  We have been the Baker family of 3 for so long. but we are ready to be the Baker family of 4.  This is the family picture we took to send over with our dossier.  Hopefully before too long we will be 4! 

Will is definitely ready to meet his mei mei (little sister in Chinese) and talks about her often. He makes up different names to call her.  The latest one is "Dizzy" (that is a character from Bob the Builder) - we'll take it into consideration buddy. :)

Anyway stay tuned here because as soon as we get any other info we will post!! 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Will and his cars

Will loves his cars- I mean don't all boys feel this way? Its crazy how little boys just love them.  And we live in a good place for this- we see all kinds of cars, trucks, construction vehicles (so close we can touch them- dangerous perhaps?) Anyway, we have this big bucket of cars and multiple times a day he goes and dumps the whole box on the floor to play with them. I always think he has too many cars but he plays with ALL of them- lines them up, remembers his favorites, my favorites, tells me what they are doing etc. Here in this picture; I walk up and he tells me "Shh mommy cars are sleeping".  Its funny girls do this with their baby dolls and I guess boys do this with their cars.  HA HA!