Thursday, October 21, 2010

Addelyn getting bigger- updated photos

Here are two updated photos we were emailed of our little Addie- who is getting so much bigger!! She will turn 1 next thursday OCt 28th- and we were so hoping to be with her on that day but looks like its not going to happen.... sad. She looks good though- she has thinned out a little and they have given her quite a hair chop. In china they like to shave heads when the kids are younger- they think it makes hair grow in better and fuller and also its tough for girls in orphanages to have long hair - a lot of work for aiyis to have to comb and brush out the tangles. But this mama here can't wait to brush out her tangles!! She is standing in the picture- they tell us she can stand but not yet walk. (Oh I hope she waits until we get there- I want to see her learn to walk).

Also that little butterfly toy she is holding is from the care package we sent her so we are so happy to see that she got it. Now we just need to get to Jiangxi!! Please pray our paperwork would move quickly- I gotta go get my baby girl!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

More Summer Pics

More pics from this summer. This is the Grandma and Grandpa Baker edition. :) Every morning we were at the Bakers Will started his morning with a homemade smoothie from his grandma and his choice of video. He loooved it :) as you can see from the smile on his face.

Playing grocery store at the children's museum (such a cool place) with Grandma Baker.

We also went to a place called Tweetsie Railroad- I had never heard of this place but it was so cute. And set in the mountains- really pretty to us city folk living in a big kinda dirty city.

Tweetsie had lots of rides andWill definitely loves rides now- though not so much on his own- he likes riding with someone. Is there anything better than seeing that little face of glee as he goes round and round?

Driving the cars with Daddy

Though it may not look like it- Will loved the ferris wheel- he still says every once in a while "Lets go on ferris wheel today" as if they are just down the street or so easy to get to :)

And the big draw of Tweetsie Railroad- the thomas- like steam engine. Will loved the train but didn't love (a big understatement) the gun show that you watched as you traveled along. But getting his picture taken with a thomas- like train- ranks way up there for him :) Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Baker!
Reading before bed- I love will stealing a glance to the camera here :)