Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ridiculously long Christmas Post

As per the title this is a ridiculously long post, so I assume it may only be grandparents that make it to the end. But since we celebrate Christmas so far away from family and friends in the States we thought we would well document the day. So here goes...

We started out Christmas Eve with a great party with some of our local friends here. It was so fun to celebrate Christmas with them. Unfortunately Will missed the whole thing as he was fast asleep... but he would need the energy for the next day.
This is first thing Christmas morning...Will right away went for was this plastic giraffe and Bob the Builder video in his stocking- he wanted to watch it so we let him watch ten minutes of it. Little did he know how much more Bob was awaiting him...
Here we are at Christmas breakfast. 
A favorite gift was this HaiBao doll(see earlier post for explanation) that his friend Winston gave him. Here he is feeding HaiBao a piece of granola bar.
One of the new toys. :)
Unwrapping a gift- Will REALLY got into the unwrapping gifts thing- in fact he opened most of Den and I's too.

Here he is opening one of Den's.
Merry Christmas.
And helping Mommy with one of her gifts.
Lest you think we never take pictures of just the two of us anymore.
Add ImageSelf taken Christmas family portrait.
Will taking a close look at the Bob videos he received from Grandma and Grampa Baker. 
Getting ready to head out to Christmas brunch with friends.
Our friends Russ dressed up as Santa at our Christmas brunch- Will wasn't phased at all. This guy gives me presents...why be scared?
A picture of all the kids at our Christmas brunch. A Christmas miracle to get them to all be still for a second.

We definitely missed being with our families but it was a great day- we have been blessed so much.