Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas season in review

Ok so for those of you that accuse me of never posting and then all of sudden posting a super long post......well this is me living up to that. Here is our Christmas season in review quickly through some pictures. Grandparents wish you could have been here, but hopefully this will give you a picture of Will enjoying the holiday.

(Wouldn't you know I posted these in the wrong order- so scroll to the bottom and scroll up for the Christmas season in chronological order)
my cutie
Getting ready to go to a Christmas brunch with friends
Train shirt from Grandma Baker
playing with some toys on Christmas morning while breakfast is made
Will's loot. He ran out to see it and was so stunned, I guess, he stood there motionless for like 30 seconds
Christmas Morning- our tree :)
3 year olds are pretty counter productive to gingerbread house making- they are more into the destruction than construction- but here is a picture of Will actually putting something on the house (picture totally staged)
Christmas Eve: We made gingerbread houses with our good Chinese friends Robert and Jane and their son Richard

And Rob- who loves to throw Will around- obviously a big hit with Will :)
Will with his fellow Taiwanese American friend- Eva. so cute
Rowe Family Christmas (that's S'more making where I grew up) Had some friends over for this tradition and a little 30 Rock viewing. We had to use candles to roast the marshmellows

Dennis' school Christmas party mid december- a visit from a very youthful santa claus. Will waited patiently for his turn- a little fear but there was a present on the line so he was willing to chance it
Start Here: Early December: putting up the Christmas tree- Will got into this more than last year- he wanted to put all the ornaments in a cluster on one branch- a little Christmas squirrel