Saturday, March 28, 2009

Making Pizza

We love pizza and have tried many different pizza restaurants in the city. Papa John's is here but too expensive. And this little pizza place hello pizza was decent but we were outraged to learn they one day up and doubled the cost of their little pepperoni pizza. How could they? So we have been making our own at home- a lot easier than I would have thought and its great fun. Here are a few shots from out last pizza making. As you can see Will's favorite part by far is eating the toppings as he goes. I could hardly get him to look up at the camera.  

This is the face he gave me when I asked him to smile. 

Monday, March 16, 2009

The latest on Will

Hi all, so as usual its been awhile since I've posted so I wanted to give you the latest on Will (cause I assume that's mostly why you check this blog :) ).  Anyway, he is doing great- and growing quite the sense of humor (I love seeing what 2 year old find funny).  A couple of recent shots of him below.  

Will is still in his crib but I am thinking of moving him to a toddler bed- so I have been trying him out with a pillow and comforter in his crib and he loves it! (se pics below)- or course this is really just play time- during the night he is all over the place. I guess we all at one point learned to stay put while sleeping- how does that happen when we are unconscious? 

Also- Will loves to eat vegetables! I know this is a lucky thing that I am sure will not last his whole childhood so that is why I am documenting him eating green veggies. So, when he is 8 and complaining I can show him the pictures of how much he loved them. (note. I am not really expecting this will work with an 8 year old but its worth a try)

Also, I am trying to do more arts and crafts projects with Will. But it seems his favorite part is not the actual creation of the art but showing everyone over and over his completed works. His attention span for art is like 5-15 minutes and then he's done. But he can show Daddy, me and anyone else who comes over his artwork- he points proudly to everything we have displayed. Our little narcissist. :)