Friday, April 18, 2008

Our Little Ham

More Pics of our Cutie

I am desperately trying to catch up to real time with this blog- meaning I want to post pictures of Will that are current or at least only a few weeks old- and I'm getting close. But for now here are a few from back in March.

This is something I see a lot- Will with my cell phone in his hand. He loves to press all the buttons like its his own little baby video game system. He has even called people by accident- whoops. But for some reason it is so entertaining to him and well there are certain times during the day that having a self entertained 1 year old is priceless.

This is taken from the window seat of Will's bedroom. Baby in a basket- its just cute. And doesn't he look great in a hood? (Something that I cannot say about myself)
This is actually from our time in Thailand also- I bought that monkey for Will and it makes this really strange monkey-ish sound when you squeeze it. We call Will our little monkey cause he is tall and skinny with long legs. And he loves to climb up on the couch and on us. Here they are- our little monkey and strange Thailand monkey hanging together in the stroller.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Photo Archives 2

Here is my second installment of old photos- these are a few of us in Thailand in February. A couple of family beach shots.

This is the beach hat that I bought for Will. Only problem is that they only had girl hats at the store- so I bought this blue one- cut off the bow and turned in inside out to hide the lace- Dennis didn't like Will wearing it but hey we Bakers are all for sun protection so he gave in.

And of course every family has the mandatory kid wearing sunglasses photo- and well here is ours. Cute huh?