Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yea Taipei!

At the beginning of the month we got the chance to return to Taipei, Will's birth city. Before we went we talked up the trip a lot to Will- we taught him to say "Yea Taipei and put his hands in the air" (we have been back a month and he still says it). We were so looking forward to the trip and getting to do lots of things with Will there that we weren't able to do when we were there a year and a half ago meeting Will for the first time.  (Basically we were sleep deprived and overwhelmed and didn't get out that much).  So I planned some jam packed days of sight seeing and culture learning. Here are a few pics from our time there.  

This is Taipei 101 the world's tallest standing building (for now). And it is by far the tallest building in Taipei- I think by some 50 0r 60 stories.

This is Will flying high at the Chiang Kai Shek memorial. 
Taipei has an amazing zoo- I think that was Will's favorite part. 

These paintings were done by a local artist- so pretty- we bought a few.
This is will eating Taiwanese beef noodle soup. These noodle shops are everywhere!
Taipei is famous for their night markets which have all kinds of food and drinks to sample and shopping. They are all over the city. This is at the Shilin night market, probably the most famous one in Taipei. Here we are with our friend Grace (she was in Taipei at the same time too).  Will is drinking a watermelon shake (barely put it down). I have stinky tofu in my chopsticks (another Taiwanese specialty)- Will and I both tried it- and lets just say the name really says it all- so stinky we could both only eat one bite. But hey we tried it right?
It got so crowded at the market so this was the best way to move Will through the crowds.

It was a great trip (we have plenty more pictures- but I'll spare you).  Will sometimes still points out the window and says questioningly "Taipei? I think he had a great time. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Look at my big boy :)

Will is getting so big I can't believe it! 

But he will still always be my little boy..............

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This is How Will prefers to be carried these days...

even if he is just going to the bathroom to get his teeth brushed he says up pe de (upside down)