Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dreaming of Vacation

Den is about a month away from wrapping up his first year as a teacher- and it has been a lot of work and he has done a great job but we are definitely ready for a break and are looking forward to a little R &R with our family this summer.  Here are a couple of pictures from our time in Thailand this past february- don't we like nice and relaxed?  I guess its the hard work that makes the rest time so sweet.  

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Parents Visit

As I mentioned earlier, my parents came to visit and it was so much fun.  Especially for Will who had two people at his beckon call. Will loved having grandma and grandpa here to read, play cars, play candy land (again and again), go outside, play playdough... you get the idea.  My parents are such good sports and traveled with us a few times.  My mom even went with me on a homestudy visit to a small city out west.  As we were riding in a rickety old van to the city my mom said sweetly (without a hint of complaining)  "This is the most uncomfortable seat I have ever sat in"- she was right, it was pretty bad. She really got off the tourist path this time.  Ha Ha

Anyway,  we loved having them here.  Here are a couple sweet pictures from their time here.  More pictures to post (but I need to upload first).

Thanks mom and dad!