Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Epic Post

Ok so I'm not too good at regular posts- so I guess these epic long posts will have to do. Here are some pictures of what we've been up to. I really don't know where the time goes... oh I know lots of rocking to sleep, but the sleep situation is getting better. :)

I just love this picture of Will in his hood- he looks like a cute little gnome. He has had a cold so I am always concerned about him staying warm- this should do it. :)

Last month my old college roommates, Heather Kelly and Maria threw Dennis and I shower for Will. It was so great to see so many old friends (that was the best part). It was a book shower so we got lots of great books to read to Will. Here he is enjoying one of the them.

Then my sister flew all the way from LA to meet her new nephew. It was so great to see her and she found lots of new ways to make Will laugh. Gosh I wish I could see her more.

Then my other "sister" Sumi (we grew up together) came to visit with her boyfriend John. Here are some photos of us in Chapel hill (UNC campus) and at my parents place- we gave them a real taste of the south- their first time to eat southern bbq. yum!

So I found this cute onesie at a garage sale and wanted to get a cute photo of Will in it- this is like picture #58- Will would not stay still!

And here it is - Will's first Thanksgiving. He had quite an audience my parents, Den's parents, uncle Daniel , his girlfriend Jessica and of course us. At first Will was a little bit fussy (feed me faster Mommy!), but once he realized that he had everyone's attention he was happy to show off his clapping , smiling, squinting, and blowing rasberry skills.
Here is Will checking out all the after Thanksgiving sales.... is that a hint Will? ;)
And finally I thought I would close with a precious photo of our boy sleeping...and I mean precious- we love seeing this!! Sweet dreams.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


This is as close as I'll get to an Anne Geddes photo (sometimes I think they are a little creepy). Its a little cheesy with the pumpkin and pumpkin costume but he sure is cute! :)

Both of these costumes we got second hand- and we ended up going with the pooh bear costume for halloween night- though we didn't go trick or treating- it was just an excuse to put him in a cute bear costume.
We got this bib awhile ago and it basically says it all- we have a new boss in our lives. :) In fact our nickname for him in Chinese is laoban- which means boss- or boss man as we say in English.