Sunday, March 30, 2008

Photo Archives

So I may have figured out how to better upload pictures to the blog- yea! I have to shrink them and then (well it doesn't really matter does it) So, as I look back I have found some older photos that I meant to post. Hopefully in the next week I will catch up to real time, but for now here is are a few photos pulled from the archives of the last few months. (We have had Will for 6 months now- can you believe it? :) )

This is the ergo carrier- expensive but worth it and its how I carry Will around. This is his favorite position- on the side so he can he see front and back. Here we are all decked out in winter gear.
I love this picture on Daddy's shoulders. This is Will's favorite way to be carried on Daddy- he just bops around town waving to everyone from his lofty position. (He is really in to the wave- waves at everyone on the street, on the subway, everywhere)
Now this photo is back from when we were in Washington DC getting his passport. Well it was a little colder than I thought and as we walked around that night I realized that will was maybe a little cold- so we had to make do- those are my pink gloves on his web looking feet. All these other parents had their kids so cutely dressed and matching, but not our boy- I am the mom that didn't plan ahead (but he's still pretty cute huh?)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


This is a shirt my sister Maggie gave to Will- doesn't he look like a star? I mean how cute is he? And can you see that molar that came in on his right side- oh my that was a lot of pain- and he still has three more coming. And can you see his haircut- that was done by Den and myself. Our helper who comes twice a week told me when she saw the haircut "Oh let me help you fix it." I was a little offended- ok he does look a little like Moe from the three stooges but only a mother can say that right?

*** Also just wanted to say that our internet has been soooo slow and this is the first picture I have been able to upload in a long time! So sorry for the lack of post- but I have been trying. Hopefully it will get better*****