Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Well, he made it till a little over 3 in the crib but thought it was time to move to a big boy bed. So, when my parents were in town (more on their visit later) they bought him his own bed from Ikea- so cute. He looks like such a mini-grown up in it- I have been used to the crib for so long.  He has made the transition great. Gets up each morning comes into our room and lays on top of either Dennis or I (not next to us- but directly on top :) ) until one of us gets up.  The bed and long alligator (to prevent head bumps on the wall) are from Ikea- and to get to and from the store we use the light rail (elevated train).  Den and my dad brought the stuff back and Den loved the sight of my dad cradling this over grown Alligator on the train. (As if we don't already stick out enough). :)  Thanks again for the bed guys!