Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pictures from Dennis phone- back in time

I am taking advantage of the fast internet connection (amazing-- I could totally live like this)- and wanted to post some pictures from Dennis' phone. Its kind of a quick look back over the last year for us.

Here we are at one of our favorite places in Shanghai :) though I think the donuts aren't quite as good as the US establishment . Don't you think they would make a cute ad campaign :)
Love this pic of Addie in She Shan- over Chinese new year. What a beauty we got :)
chilling on the bed in the hotel- we went to a hotel outside the city to escape a night of crazy fireworks.
on the subway... Addelyn on an important call
Why did we get the kids a doctor's kit for Christmas??? ha ha

Will's soccer team this year.
I kind of forget what this is- I think this is will testing out a massage chair in the mall. Obviously he needs the kids version.
One of the last family pictures of 3 we took before Addie came..

I don't know what is happening here- but it makes me laugh :) What a silly boy
A daddy and Will construction company creation.

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