Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A quick hello- Will school birthday

Hi friends- yikes yikes yikes! It has been so so long since I have posted! Ah- it just feels like I never have time to wait for my ridiculously slow internet to load my photos. So much to update- Christmas, Will's birthday, Dennis's mom visit- so I will update more later. But for now- I had these on my computer so I thought I would share.

Will attends a Chinese pre school half day- and on his birthday they did the "typical" birthday celebration that they do for each kid. His teacher took pictures and video and gave them to me. I just have to share. It just cracks me up to watch this. I love love my Will but this has to be the most unenthusiastic birthday song rendition I have heard. I mean the kids in his class are really just mailing this one in (see video). Is that girl next to Will yawning??? And why is Will not smiling? Did they tell him this was a serious affair? Funny thing is Will loves to watch this video over and over.

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eva said...

Haha! I love it. Did he get to keep the crown and cape?!