Sunday, April 10, 2011


This is a long overdue update. I can blame it on having 2 kids now, work schedules, getting ready to move to the US- (in June) but really it might be because I joined facebook. It took me forever but I decided I might be the last person under 40 not on it. Anyway- how do you balance facebook and a blog? hmmm .

Here's some photos of our last couple months.

At the park

Spring flowers in our apartment complex
Will and his good friend Ryan
Daddy and his kids!

Will and his good friend Vera
Will got some fish! (2 of which died in 24 hours- good bye Jelly and Whale... what can I say we hardly knew you)

But our dear fish Shark has been holding on. In fact many mornings Will tells me "hey mommy, Shark not die" Yes, my boy that is quite amazing. :)


Meyers_in_China said...

so cute!

Repeat after me:

I Lisa Baker
To keep updating this blog and or facebook with photos once you feet touch the USA!
:) EM

The Carey's said...

great update of pics! And big changes coming for ya'll moving back to the US!